Maliuc commune is located in the central area of the Danube Delta, on Sulina arm, being bounded to the north by the communes Pardina and Chilia Veche, to the west by the administrative territory of Tulcea municipality, to the south by the communes Nufăru and Mahmudia and to the east by the administrative territory of Crişan commune.

Maliuc commune consists of the following administrative territorial units: Maliuc – commune residence, Gorgova, Partizani, Vulturu – placed on the other bank from the commune residence and Ilganii de Sus.

The rural population is small, under 320 inhabitants and carries out basic activities in fish farming, trade and tourism. In terms of climate, in Maliuc commune is recorded a temperate continental climate, the average annual temperature being of 11 ° C.

Touristic routes: Maliuc – commune – Danube Delta / Danube (Sulina) – Furtuna (lake), Baclanestii Mari (lake), Papadia (lake) – Furtuna (lake) – mute swans – nesting, river port, “Salcia” hotel. See attractions