Valea Nucărilor commune is located in the central part of Tulcea County, 25 km away from Tulcea Municipality and 40 km away from Babadag. Access to the locality can be made on DJ 222 J. On the old maps appears under the names of Sarighiolul de Vale, then I.G. Duca. Since 1954 is called Valea Nucărilor.

The villages of the commune are: Valea Nucărilor, Agighiol and Iazurile.

The basic economic activity of the village is agriculture. There are bred in particular: sheep, cattle, pigs, and poultry. The areas of arable land on the territory of the commune are suitable for vegetable crops. The agricultural activities are conducted in two sectors: private and individual.  Fish farming, trade and supplies of services are other domains in which a large part of the inhabitants of Valea Nucărilor commune carry out their activity.

Touristic routes: Valea Nucărilor Agighiol village – Tulcei Hills/Danube (Tulcea) – Razim (lake) – The Church of the “Saint Voivodes” 1858 with mural paintings of 1906, paleontological reservation (monument of nature). See attractions