Gorgova Lake is located south of Gorgova locality. It is reached by a narrow channel, in about 20 minutes by boat, or from Litcov channel. Gorgova Lake presents a potential of fishing mostly for peaceful fish, this especially in summer when the carps, crucian carps and greedy rudds return among the lilies of the lakes. Here we encounter several faunistic species, especially aquatic birds or day predatory – the great white pelican, the great bittern, the little bittern, the purple heron, the rosy starling.

Fortuna Lake is an oasis of tranquility, an ideal place for rest, relaxation and recreation, both for the amateur fishermen and for the nature lovers.

“Ivan Patzaichin’’ nautical competition

The fishing nautical competition “Ivan Patzaichin” Tulcea-Sulina takes place in August and brings together competitors among the fishermen belonging to the areas of the Danube Delta, in the competitions of fishing boats. The event is conducted under the aegis of the national and international multi champion Ivan Patzaichin offering the people of Tulcea an opportunity of maximum pride that they belong to the same geographical space from where their fellow countryman left in his spectacular ascension.

The competition represents a way of promoting the local traditions specific to the fishermen communities in the Danube Delta and the adjacent geographical areas. During the four days of competition, take place cookery competitions with fish specifics and cultural, artistic, multiethnic manifestations

The fishing nautical competition „Ivan Patzaichin” Tulcea-Sulina includes three fund stages on the route Tulcea–Maliuc, Maliuc–Crişan, Crişan–Sulina and a stage of speed (against the clock) on the route Crişan– Mila 23. The crews of fishermen entered in this competition are from the area and will represent the towns Sulina, Sf. Gheorghe, Isaccea and the communes Crişan, Mila 23, Maliuc, Chilia Veche, Valea Nucarilor, Sarichioi, Ceatalchioi, Murighiol and Grindu.